Forest Resources & Soils Testing Laboratory

Providing expert soil and vegetation testing to the Thunder Bay region since 1996
Although the FoReST Laboratory was originally setup as a forest soil research facility, it now serves a much broader clientele with a full array of chemical and physical soil/vegetation testing. 
Our highly qualified staff, specialized equipment, and technical facilities have been specifically designed to meet today's soil, vegetation, and nutrient management challenges.
Accredited Soil Nutrient Testing
The FoReST Laboratory has been a participant of the North American Proficiency Testing (NAPT) program since 2004 and is the only OMAFRA accredited laboratory in northern Ontario.  We are certified to provide farmers and home owners with OMAFRA fertilizer recommendations for agricultural, home garden, and lawn care purposes.

Our Mission

The mission of the FoReST Laboratory is to continue partnering with businesses, industry, government and researchers to help develop new opportunities, build entrepreneurial activity, and encourage research and economic growth in northern Ontario.

FoReST Lab News
The Northwestern Ontario Healthy Soils Program
The FoReST Lab is pleased to be participating in The Northwestern Ontario Healthy Soils Program (NOHSP) - a 2-year agriculture-based service program jointly initiated by the FoReST Lab, the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs, and the Soil and Crop Improvement Associations of Thunder Bay, Kenora, and Rainy River.
The Project is:
  • Promoting the economic and environmental benefits of soil testing
  • Facilitating soil sampling and soil testing for farmers
  • Encouraging communication between farmers, Lakehead University, OMAFRA staff, and other agribusiness stakeholders, and
  • Assessing the current soil characteristics of Kenora's Wabigoon Clays
For more information about the NOHSP, please follow the links below:
      - Schedule of Events
              - September 2015 Progress Report - Appendix A
              - September 2015 Progress Report - Appendix C
              - September 2015 Progress Report - Appendix D
              - September 2015 Progress Report - Appendix E
Pellet and Biomass Analysis
In cooperation with the Lakehead University Wood Science and Testing Facility (LUWSTF), the FoReST lab has recently begun providing pellet and biomass testing for the growing Canadian bioenergy sector.
Topsoil Quality Testing
The FoReST Lab has developed a quality testing program for topsoil used in urban planting of flower beds, trees and turf. Our new Topsoil Quality Package offers recommendations according to City of Thunder Bay guidelines.
To download the Topsoil Quality Package sample submission form click HERE
For more information about our services call us at (807) 343-8639 or email

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